The beginning must be perfect, the name, logo, motto are and will be the foundations of a successful business.
If you want to make a business or you already have a project / business and you want to make it successful, then contact us!

Digital branding

We create image and branding for any type of business. We are ready to provide you with our talent and our experience in order to have the most suitable design and the best image for your business.

The service includes the creation and concept of visual identity (logo, motto, web design layout, business cards, various models) and identity manual.
Upon request we make and prepare documents for OSIM registration (registered trademark)


Market research
Concurrent and domain analysis


Logo proposal
Propose motto
Philosophy proposal
Concept proposal


Completion and implementation
concept of identity and


Preparation and teaching
identity manual
Prepared OSIM documents (Trademark)


Web design

We build exceptional websites so that your customers are interested in you and your services / products.
We offer complete solution and support throughout the collaboration. We love working with people who appreciate a good website, quality service and promptness.
The webdesign service includes advice in choosing the name of the website, purchasing domains on behalf of the client, personalized hosting services on the project / website and creating a ready-to-use website.

When we create a website, you as a customer, just give us some specific information, we take care of everything, pictures, copyright (text creation), functionality and various custom implementations, depending on the case.


Online Shop

If you want to sell online then you clearly need an online store. All the stores made by us are handed over “ready to use” and we offer extra + training solutions to you and your employees. With us, visitors become customers from the first day of launch.
Making a shop requires extra settings and configurations, we specialize in online stores made on the Woocommerce + WordPress platform, but upon request we made and offered support for stores made on other types of platforms: Drupal + Ubercat, Magento, Prestashop and Shopify.
Depending on the size and size of the online store, we offer a customized hosting solution.
All online stores are delivered fully functional, ready for promotion and sale.

The customer only has to manage his products, offers and orders. We offer training and support for 1 year from the launch date and implementation of an online store (even if it will not be hosted on our servers).


Digital marketing

Every business needs exposure and advertising to be successful.
The success of a brand is due to the promotion and use of the best methods and solutions for online promotion today.
We create a personalized marketing plan for you and we can implement and apply it to have the best success.
Whatever business you have, it must be promoted from our experience, each business is different and unique, which means that the promotion plans and methods must be applied and adapted to your business and your needs.

In all these years we have promoted and experimented with various methods and promotion strategies, and now we have experience in promoting online a multitude of products and fields of activity.
We have created and used the most popular online promotion solutions (Social Media, Google and Facebook Ads, newsletter campaigns) but also unique campaigns through various online and offline channels.
We do not promise, the moon and the stars in the sky. We promise and achieve only what we know for sure can be measured in time and success.
We rely only on solutions that give yield and add value to your business.


SEO & Digital Content

We believe that SEO (Search engine optimization) is essential and is the best and cheapest method of online promotion in the long run.
Although it is a cheap solution, it is also a long-lasting solution, once you reach the top 5 Google Search, you will not leave the position and you will have constant visitors and customers, you just have to take care of the website and the content of your site.
The results come after 3 months or even 1 year, depending on the competition on the desired keywords and the site.
It is an endurance service that, in our opinion, requires:
• An analysis of keywords and competition in the field
• Development of an optimization strategy
• Creating quality SEO content
• Site structuring
• Website optimization
• Site administration
Whether you have a blog or a presentation site or an online store you need quality content and proper optimization


Support & audit

If you think you need assistance in web design or marketing?
Do you want to know if your business is promoted correctly?
Do you want to know if you have a good image and branding?
Do you have a problem with your site?

You can call us, we are ready to offer you our expertise.

There is always the possibility of being better or having added value. It is worth making sure from time to time that your business is promoted and has a good and correct image, that you are in the trends of the time.
It is important to have a part and to receive quality services, and if you consider that you may not receive 100% from your supplier, then contact us!

Maybe you will get some better or newer ideas.



Presentation site for the Volleyball Club from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Shop, rental application, presentation site for Skijet Cluj.

Presentation site for Moldiscar from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Presentation site for Bolon.

Presentation site for Gradini in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Presentation site for Techno Lights from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Do you want a customized solution for you?