In all these years we have had small and large clients, from various fields of activity.
Some of them, considered during our collaboration, that “it is better to take a man” or “it is better to hire a person to do what you do”.

This decision was based on various beliefs, either the client thinks it will be cheaper or he considers it an easy job or he wanted to involve acquaintances in their company and they thought that the marketing field is easy and simple. I mean, “then some banners, my child knows how to do it, he just has a high-performance computer!”

Usually our answer was, “Sure, you can try!” – we are not followers of the conservatory and we do not force anyone to work or collaborate with us.
Marketing or web design or anything related to the image and promotion of a brand, does not only involve a high-performance computer.
If it were that easy, then with a high-performance computer + text editor (microsoft word) you could write novels like Harry Poter or Lords of the Rigns or why not even a Game of Thrones.

Marketing needs imagination, talent and experience, this is before any PC or special application.
Let’s say that company X finds that ideal person, who has talent, imagination and experience in working with various programs and applications (a unicorn).
This employee will start promoting and doing what an agency needs to do for client X, but only at the suggestions and only guided by the administrator / manager of company X.

Even if at the beginning, everything will be perfect, this person will “burnout” in a maximum of 2-3 months, because he will do the same thing and slowly but surely he will exhaust his imagination and energy, doing and having the same routine.

Routine destroys creativity and the desire to work.

The talented person will leave the company and will look for an agency, where to make more and more diverse branding and marketing campaigns.
Company X will lose an employee + time + money until it finds or hires another person.
From experience, most X companies will return to the agency, but unfortunately they will lose at least 1 year of image, branding and promotion.

The advantages of collaborating with an agency are clear, complete solutions in one place, there is no burnout, there is no crisis of ideas, you have several types of services in one place, you have programming, design, copyrighter, digital marketer, and so on
The people and the team of an agency collaborate with each other, “speak the same language” and inspire each other.
But if you still want to have a marketing department or a dedicated person in the company, you must know that this is not an EXECUTOR but rather an observer, verifier and communicator.
The marketing department in a company, should and are only the liaison between an agency and the company and should do:
– Market research
– proposals for promotions and discounts
– setting targets
– product launches, services
– monitoring and verifying the campaigns implemented by the agency
– monitoring and checking the competition
– communication between the company and the agency
They do not have to and are not part of the execution (creation, design, web design).